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Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Cycling in the Netherlands

 I wrote this post so long ago and I don't know why I haven't translate it into English. Please forgive me and here's the translated post. I revamped it a little and added pictures. Hope you enjoy it. PS. Since I wrote this, we had another child, lost a part of the trailer. I didn't really cycled as much as I could have. I am still willing to try, though.

Bikes are the most popular means of transport. Everybody cycles, regardless of their age of social status. Businessmen cycle to work in their fancy suits. Students cycle to school or university. Moms and dads put their children on their bikes and take them to playgrounds.

I am writing about this because never have I seen bikes in such a huge number and in so many forms. For children, you can buy seats or trailers. There are even special bikes with build-in boxes, the so-called bakfiets. As if this wansn't enough, the Dutch are great when it comes to putting the maximal amount of stuff (including people) on a minimal amount of bikes. Often it looks very dangerous, but I can't help but admire their creativity.

In Warsaw, I didn't cycle a lot. There weren't enough cycling paths, and cycling on the streets was far too dangerous.When I moved to the Netherlands, I bought myself a bike. I wanted to cycle better and as I was pregnant, I wanted to move. I got my daughter to daycare, got on my bike, and went to the park. I didn't cycle a lot because my belly was getting more and more annoying. I tired easily, but felt much more comfortable cycling.

When winter came, I didn't cycle and J. was born. I couldn't cycle in the post partum period, and the weather wasn't inviting either. So my poor bike stood closed up in the shed. Later when the weather got better, I still couldn't cycle because when K. was at daycare, I had J. with me at home, and I was too afraid to cycle with a child.The poor bike waited and waited.

Until one day, we bought a trailer. We took the children for a little ride. My husband had the trailer attached to his bike, and I cycled behind them. I was afraid (I have balance problems and am not a great cyclist), but soon could cycle without problems. The weekend after that, we did the same. We went to Voorburg, around 10km from our place, and then we went for a long walk. I was less tired than I expected to be. 

The weather is not nice right now, but I hope that I will make many cicycle trips with my bike. J. will start daycare in September and I will be able to cycle alone.

Hope you'll enjoy some more interesting bicycles here:

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1 comment:

  1. Bardzo podobnie jest w Szwecji! Tam też mnóstwo ludzi jeździ na rowerach, a dzieci w takich śmiesznych taczko-przyczepkach :)
    Ja jakoś jeszcze nie mam odwagi kupić takiej dla Maksia, ale może pójdę w Twoje ślady ;)


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