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Saturday, 8 October 2011

Have you seen the stroopwafel man?

Ladies and gentlemen, for those of you who are living in Delft, I have some bad news. You have probably noticed that the nice cute little stand on Paradijspoort selling the best stroopwafels in town is no more. This is not entirely true. The stand is still standing. The man behind the counter, however, is a different one.

And he seems to be a man with a Vision. His vision did not include stroopwafels and that is a pity. He now sells poffertjes. Don’t get me wrong, I am a big fan of poffertjes, especially when served with a huge amount of sugar and butter. The guy also sells soft ice cream, drinks and sweets. So basically, everything was like it used to be. Except that the most important thing is now missing.

You see, the place was famous for it’s stroopwafels. It was the only place in Delft where you could easily buy stroopwafels  that were made fresh just for you, and served at just the perfect temperature. Of course, you can always rely on good old Albert Heijn for this, but it’s not the same. And the ones they sell at AH are not fresh, and the size is totally wrong.

Imagine what happens, when you’re doing your grocery shopping at the C1000 in Zuidport and are overcome by a totally irresistible craving for stroopwafels? You know where to find them, and when you reach the stand, the guy tells you that he no longer sells stroopwafels, and that you can have poffertjes instead. Is it not totally frustrating?

After all, you can buy poffertjes everywhere, any time, if you want. But the stroopwafel place was special. It was my dirty pleasure, a place where I went to eat something sweet when Klara was at daycare. What a bad surprise it was to find the stroopwafels gone. When I asked the poffertjes-guy why he didn’t sell stroopwafels anymore, he explained: “But poffertjes are good, too!”. Yes, they are, but this doesn’t answer my question. And his motto is now: ‘pancakes and more’ so why wouldn’t he sell stroopwafels, too?

I think he is losing customers because of this. After all, everybody expects stroopwafels and they would not be fooled into buying poffertjes. Maybe it’s not so bad though. Maybe I won’t go there so much and eat less sweets. So maybe, after all, there is a silver lining in this black, black cloud.   

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  1. Hey Olga,

    There's a more sinister reason for this: the stroopwafel man decided to stop selling at his permanent stand as he travels round the weekly markets selling there and decided he is busy enough with only that. However, he imposed a condition on the new guy taking over the stand: he is in fact not allowed to sell stroopwafels. So no matter how much he wants to...and how much you want him to, he just cannot do it!

    At least the stroopwafel man is there on Saturdays on the Brabantse Turfmarkt! He may even be there on Thursdays too...but working full time has not once allowed me to visit the Delft market on a Thursday. I'll leave it up to you to find out and tell me!


  2. Hi Phil,
    thanks for commenting and explaining this. I haven't been to the Thursday market for a long time, either. But maybe, you're right, I can always try it even if it means giving my children some stroopwaffels. However, the now-poffertjes-guy started selling oliebollen. I have officially forgiven him.


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