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Thursday, 9 February 2012

My happy baby J.

At almost 11 months, my little J. cannot crawl, or scoot, or walk yet. She can sit, but not very well, and has to support her body with her hands while doing it. She can go in circles while on her belly, and that’s about it. But she is an extremely happy, content baby. She loves everybody, smiles and laughs a lot. She revels in my touch and just loves it when somebody lifts her arms and feet. She is very cuddly, and alert and interested in music.

When I expressed my concern about her not crawling at her daycare, the nannies told me that J. is such a contented baby. They told me: “She’s thinking ‘why should I ever care to crawl. I am lying here on my belly, and I really enjoy that!’”. They told me that every baby is different and that she is very active and alert, and will learn to crawl when she’s ready. This is nice to hear.
I love J's sweet babbling! She says “babababa”, “dadadada”, “yayayaya”, and “mamamama”. And, in the last few weeks that “mamamama” has turned into “Ma.Ma.Ma”. And then into: “Mama. Mama. Mama”. I am so over the moon! My little girl cannot walk yet but she can say “Mama”. This is music to my ears.

With K., I had to wait forever to hear that. Her first word had been “tata” (Polish for “daddy”), and she said “mama” when she was exactly 2 years and 3 days old. Now, this is not to say that I love J. more than K. This is not true. But the girls are very different. K. loves to move around, to run and tumble, and play. She is very good at doing puzzles, and is extremely interested in letters and numbers. She has the Will of Steel, and she is cute and extremely charming. The latter, of course does not get in the way of the former.

I like to think that she enjoys my company. She likes to do things with us, and to go places with us. She can be helpful and sweet, but she is not cuddly. Cuddling to K. is what “Soft Kitty” is to Sheldon. “It’s only for when you’re sick”. It’s also for when you are sleepy and tired or when you just had a temper tantrum. Other than that, no. And even when she wants to cuddle, she wants to be cuddled in a certain way. And I love that, too. She knows what she wants and lets everybody know that she wants it.

But it’s nice to have a child who truly enjoys being cuddled just for the sake of it. J. loves when I talk to her and she loves music. If I’m to make any assumptions now, K. is the scientist, J. is the artist. I think it’s fantastic to have 2 girls, so close in age, yet with so different characters, skills, and abilities. But right now I am in a state of total love for my baby daughter. She said “Mama”. 

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  1. How beautiful! Hurray for Julia. And her Mama.

  2. That is similar to how it is with me and my younger brother: I have never been cuddly, while it comes quite naturally to my brother.

  3. Well, after all siblings are unique people with different characters and needs. My brother and I are totally different, too. But we totally think we are awesome! I hope Klara and Julia will enjoy a close relationship.


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