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Friday, 30 March 2012

What digital photography and laundry have in common

I take a lot of pictures. I actually have a good reason to take pictures. No, sorry, I have 2 little reasons and one big reason to take pictures. Of course I want to keep the most important events for eternity. K. looks cute? Take a photo! J. smiles? Take a photo! The both of them fly through the air in a summersault? Where is my camera? A peacock attacks K. to eat her muffin? Where is the camera? Nonono, luckily, the children don't fly through the air yet. But if they would I'd want pictures.

Before digital photography, taking pictures was easy. Because the process that started with pressing the shutter and ended with the printed-out picture was much longer, people took photos differently. You would make a 100 photos, and maybe one of them was perfect, and the rest was fuzzy, or just plain bad. But you would take more care in photographing.

Since digital photography was introduced, this has changed. Now we would make a 10000 photos, and 1000 would be perfect. The rest can be fixed with Photoshop, and those that can't be fixed go into the dustbin folder. But you still end up with thousands of pictures on your computer. 

I take many pictures (not 1000, but many) and I spend a lot of time doing something about those pictures. I have to copy them to the right folder, to name them, to sort out the bad photos and delete them. I also have a Web album for the children's pictures, and that requires a lot of work as well- for that, I have to sort out the best photos, and to upload them. But when I am done, I feel proud of myself: I have managed to do work that will make my family and my friends happy. And seeing those beautiful photos of my beautiful girls, makes me happy as well.

But right when I am done, my husband says to me:“I've just remembered that I have so many pictures on my mobile phone that I took like 5 months ago.” My parents send me pictures from when they came to visit, or when we were in Poland. My parents-in-law also take some pictures and I only learn about them when I'm done. So, it's back to work I go. 

So what does digital photography and doing laundry have in common?  Just when you're done you realize that you actually have even more work to do: because the bed sheets, they need washing. Or because my husband just remembered that he has even more photos. or because K. and J. looked so awfully cute again. Doesn't matter: "More than ever hour after hour, work is never over."

And what laundry DOESN'T have in common with digital photography? Taking pictures is so much more fun!

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  1. Thank you, lexibition! I really feel this way sometimes when I've just finished uploading or organizing photos, and then I am confronted with yet another load of pictures to upload or organize. The analogy with doing laundry seems very appropriate at this point.


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