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Thursday, 5 April 2012

A totally subjective guide to restaurants in Delft

Months ago, I promised you a guide to the various good restaurants in Delft. Somehow, I wrote this guide, and then could not find it. Nevertheless, I wrote it again and here it is. There are so many interesting places you can have a delicious meal at that I decided to divide this post into two parts. I will describe restaurants in the first part, and then the next part will be dedicated to cafes and bars. Also, I was lucky to try out different restaurants in other Dutch cities, and I will write about them, too! 

Eetcafe Restaurant Roos- my personal favourite. This little gem is hidden in plain sight on the Delft Marketsquare. It serves Persian cuisine at reasonable prices. The service is extremely nice and they have a very positive attitude towards children. This restaurant is run by a Persian family who also happen to own the souvenir shop close to the restaurant. Not only do the meals taste amazing, but they look good as well. I usually go for one of the stew- type meals (like Khoreshte ghormesabzi), whereas my husband chooses something more meaty, maybe one of their meny kababs. All main dishes are served with rice, saffron rice, and a salad. We usually also order kashke bademjan, a wonderful starter of eggplant with spices, served with bread. Yummy! Don’t forget to order Persian tea and you will be delighted!

Maharani- another restaurant that I love. I love it so much that last year I celebrated my birthday there. They serve Indian food which I particularly love. The waiters know us and always greet us when we come, commenting on how much the children have grown since they last saw them. The food is delicious. No, the food is perfect. While this isn't a place we visit often because the children don’t have a lot of space to run, we always enjoy it when we do eat there. With every main dish you order, you get a vegetarian dish for free. We have tried different kinds of curries, with all types of meat and I would really recommend all we have tried. I suppose that whatever you choose will be delicious! They also have a large variety of sweet and salty lassis to choose from. Try the different breads: naans, chapatis, parathas, and more!

Popocatepetl, also known as the “Popo”. This name sends my German-speaking husband and myself into fits of laughter. No, not the full name. The short name, Popo. See, in German Popo means “bum”. But if you just forget that, the Popo is a place to remember if you want to eat out and take your kids with you. Last time we went there, the servers pampered Klara, brought her crayons to draw and took her for little walks so we could eat in peace. At the Popo, I also ate something that was not only extremely satisfying but also very easy to make at home: tortilla chips with melted cheese, tomatoes, jalapeno peppers, and some guacamole on the side. This, ladies and gentlemen, is perfect comfort food. After that, I started to make it at home when I really didn’t feel like making a proper dinner. Yes, it’s yummy but never as good as at the Popo.

Stromboli and San Marco are Italian restaurants and both are worth mentioning. I think I prefer Stromboli for 2 reasons: it is located directly on the Market Square in Delft, and the children can play outside while you eat. Also, the quality of the food is slightly better. San Marco, on the other hand, comes in a close second and offers a bigger choice of different types of pizza. Going to either one, you will be satisfied.

I wanted to give Fusha a excellent review, but sadly, Fusha is no more :(. Neither is Silly Thai which I included in a former version of this post. If you know good restaurants, please share them in the comments, or on my facebook page:

Stay tuned for cafes, pubs and smaller restaurants! 

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  1. Nice reviews Olga :)

    Silly Thai is no more... Their business plan was all wrong from the start...They started as "Grand Cafe Silly", supposedly a beer cafe but with only 4 or 5 beers on the menu...Then an eetcafe...Then the thai version. Admittedly, the thai food was good...but I think they had little chance of recovering from the bad start...They may have done better with a different name and without the cheap-looking flags outside and kitsch decor inside.

    Regarding sushi: try "Umai" behind the Market Square, opposite the side windows of the Coffee Company. I've only been there once, last summer shortly after they opened, but the food was great. They do an "all-you-can eat" option, where you can order 5 (or is it 6?) dishes per round up to 6 (or is it 5?) times. Tasty tasty! :) There's plenty of meat for Nikolai too :D

    In summary though, viva Maharani!

  2. Phil, thanks for the info, I have updated the post so it no longer lists Silly Thai. The food was good and the prices reasonable so it's a pity. What is there at this place, then? What's their next idea?
    Thanks for sharing the new restaurant, Uami with me. We will remember it next time we're in Delft.


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