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Wednesday, 11 April 2012

I have plans...

I wrote this in November. And I do get melancholic in November. Good to see that my plans haven't changed since then. Hopefully, some of them are on their way to being realized.

Somehow I get melancholic at this time of year. On one hand, I have thousands of ideas for blog posts, and my life in general. But then I remind myself that I have children and that with children, you have other plans.Plans, like: where will they go to school? How will I keep them busy the whole day when we're all at home together? When is the next baby well check? When and where are the playgroups? And so on. 

But I have plans. Big and little plans. Some of them can be realized when you have children. Others can't. That makes me sad. Other, on the other hand, are just perfect when you have children!  So this is a little list of my plans: 

-     Make music: I am pretty musical and I can even sing a little bit. But my voice needs a lot of training, and I don't know any of the theory. I want to learn to play the keyboard. I took piano lessons when I was small, but hated my teacher, so I stopped. And now I regret it. Singing lessons wouldn't be bad, either. Oh, and sheet music which is at the moment the bane of my existence because I can't read it. And not everything can be played by ear! Also, I want to learn to read sheet music!

-       Learn a new language: I actually solved this one when I started learning Dutch. I love learning languages! But I would like to speak even more of them! For example, Russian is beautiful! I love watching Bollywood films; maybe I should learn Hindi. How about Chinese? But at the moment, I have other priorities; not to forget my Polish; continue speaking German; work on my English. And then, I really should learn some more French if I have the time. And, of course, there is always Dutch. Not easy with so many languages. Oh, and does the fact that I read a book on html count?

-     Travel: we wanted to go to New York. We actually never went on a honeymoon, what with me being very pregnant. But then I saw the two stripes on a pregnancy test again, the first sign of Julia's existence. So, New York was out of the question. But we did go other places, Spain, Malta, France, Great Britain. Not bad, either!

-       Read - have always read a lot, but it has become really difficult. But I want to read. I love to read. But now, I don't read so much as I used to, for obvious reasons. But it doesn't matter. You just can't have too many books.And I don't care what genres I am reading. I am very tolerant when it comes to books. 

-      Write- this blog and the articles I am writing for the EgoDziecka website, they're just so much fun. I want to continue writing this blog, and then write some more.

-    Cook- new recipes, new dishes, new ingredients. I am so curious about new foods out there! There are so many things I haven't tried yet. Luckily, I can buy so many nice things in the Netherlands, I am excited!  

Your plans? With or without children?

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