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Wednesday, 2 May 2012

A very Subjective Guide to Dutch Restaurants. Part 1

Delft, Part 2
In the last post, I talked about restaurants worth visiting in Delft. But let’s say you don’t want to go to a fancy restaurant? What if you want to have your lunch in a nice spot in the city?  What if you want to go to meet some friends for a coffee? What if you want to eat something nice and hot, but do not feel like cooking? Here are some places that might be of interest to you.

-Bagels and Beans- a lovely place to have a lovely bagel. Not only do they have a huge variety of different kinds of bagels, but their products are mostly organic and/or fair trade. You can choose between white wheat bagels, whole- wheat bagels, and other types of bagels, all of them delicious. Toppings and filings include: Avocado, salmon, hummus, even sauerkraut. So, that's the "bagel" part. The "bean" part refers to coffee and cocoa beans. That means they also have coffee and hot chocolate. I love the way they serve the latter: with steamed milk and chocolate chips on the side so you can make it yourself. They have a brilliant choice of teas, smoothies and juices. All in all, a great place to meet friends for lunch.

-Leonidas- if you haven’t been to Leonidas, you have missed a lot of goodness. Leonidas is a Belgian chocolate maker, known for its perfectly delicious chocolates and pralines. However, in Delft they also have a lunchroom. They have a breakfast menu (consisting mainly of different kinds of eggs) and it’s delicious, and will keep you full the whole day. For lunch, you can order soups and sandwiches. Their bell pepper soup is really delicious. I mention it here because I’ve never had it before and was surprised at the mild taste. Another very awesome thing Leonidas offers is the so called “High Tea” and “High Wine”. The first takes place in the afternoon. Imagine you get together with a bunch of friends. You are served as much tea as you like, and little savoury and sweet snacks to go with it. High Wine is similar but you are served a whole meal (although in several courses and the portions are not so big) and dessert. You get 2 glasses of wine (or any other drink). High Wine takes place in the evening. A great idea for celebrating birthdays, pregnancies, or just a day when you feel like you have to pamper yourself a little bit. In the summer they have a little patio where you can occasionally enjoy the sunny weather.

-Hypo Kunst- this is a place that can only be described as “alternative”. Hypo Kunst is a gallery and a shop but you can also have coffee there. Their food is organic, and very delicious. You really must try one of their roast beef sandwiches. The owner assured my friend and myself that the roast beef came from his uncle’s farm. I tried the quiche which ended up being 5 little quiches served on a plate full of salad. We also had chocolate cake for dessert. It comes in what my friend described as “pregnant lady chocolate cake size”. It is as huge as it is delicious.

-The Stads-Koffyhuis- This is an old place specialising in coffee, teas, cakes and pancakes. They also serve full meals and sandwiches for lunch. Their pear tart is particularly worth mentioning. The Koffyhuis is located at a picturesque canal in the centre of Delft. Another nice place to go to have lunch. Or breakfast. Or just a cup of coffee and a piece of cake.

- Daily Wok and Fu Wah- are both take-away restaurants serving Asian food. In Daily Wok you can sit down to it your meal. It’s quick, it’s not expensive and it’s delicious. They usually have a mixture of vegetables prepared and you can add whatever kind of meat you like, and pick your favourite sauce.  Also, you can have this with steamed rice, fried rice or udon noodles. Alternatively, you can choose from their combinations. We usually went for teriyaki beef, or sweet and sour chicken. I ordered an additional serving of cashew nuts. Mhmmmm… At Fu Wah it’s only possible to take away. However, I fell in love with this place after I noticed their menus. For 15 euro you can have one egg dish, one chicken tjap tjoy, and a spicy pork dish. With that you get nasi and bami. We usually only eat one of those dishes and freeze the rest. This was fantastic whenever I didn’t feel like cooking, or just after I had Julia. They also have a big choice of other dishes if you don’t feel like ordering a whole menu. Now let me take a moment to praise the lady in charge of taking orders. When I go there, there are always people waiting to place their orders. In the meantime the lady picks up the phone to take even more orders. She never seems confused. The food was always ready wherever we came to pick it up. I’m telling you, people, this place is a real life-saver!

Stay tuned for the next installment- this time, I’ll describe my favourite restaurants in Rotterdam! Do not hesitate to tell me your favourite place!

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