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Monday, 4 June 2012

100 posts old, and counting!

Dear readers, this is the 100th post. I can’t believe it! The 100th post! As this blog is nearing its first birthday, I have many interesting things for you in store. I hope to be able to present this blog to you in its final version in July.

As you might have noticed, I have decided to drop the posts in German as they just didn’t make any sense. To me, they felt forced and unnatural, which is weird given the fact that I am bilingual and speak the language every day.  But I hope to continue writing in Polish and English as it’s both fun and challenging.

Dear readers, the content of this blog is also up to you. Are there any topics you want to read about? Do you have any questions on whatever topic I wrote about? 

So far, this has been an experiment, a fun way to spend my time writing about whatever came to my mind. I feel that I have arrived at a point where I have to decide what this blog should be. I am a mother and I write a blog. That makes me a mommy blogger. So this blog will continue to be about my children. But I am also a bilingual person, and an expat living in the Netherlands. I want this blog to reflect this as well- both through topics and the usage of two languages. After all, I haven’t called it The European Mama for nothing.

In the next few weeks I’ll be doing some works to make this blog look a little bit tidier. I am also thinking about the visual aspects, researching ideas for backgrounds and mastheads. A logo would be nice, too!

What do you think? I would appreciate all suggestions, ideas and comments. Please help make this blog bigger, better, bloggier! 

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  1. Hi,
    First of all, thank you for taking the time to share your experiences with us. I've landed on you blog on a post about multilingual kids, which helped me quite a bit with my own concerns, as I am in a very similar situation, so thanks, again :) And after reading that one, I pretty much went through everything else you've written in English. I would have read the rest in Polish and German, but I don't know the languages, and machine translation just wouldn't do them justice. So here's to hoping that there will be more posts in English :) Otherwise, your future experiences with child care here in NL, and just the general feeling you get from living here, they would be interesting to me.
    Good luck with the refurbishing, and looking forward to new posts! :)

  2. Dear Lexibit, thank YOU for taking the time to comment! Yes, there will be more posts in English.I am still struggling with the bilingual blog thing- I have to think of a good solution. And, of course, as I am learning about multilingualism and experiencing it firsthand, they will be posts on that as well! I see you've also started a blog- good luck with that!

  3. Great work on hitting 100 posts! I realize I'm a bit behind, but great work and keep it up! It's tough to hit 100 posts and most people don't make it. I'm impressed!

    1. Hi Jeffrey, thanks for your comment! It's pretty amazing, I have passed 200 posts a while ago and didn't even notice :D It took me a while to hit that number, but I'm glad I did, and that I kept blogging!


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