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Wednesday, 1 August 2012

BuurtKadoos *GIVEWAY* ends August 14th!

Imagine my surprise when I woke up one day only to find a black box waiting for me at my doorstep. A black box. How suspicious!  This is how it looked like.

So I inspected it very closely, but at some point my curiosity got the better of me, and I opened it. And at this point my surprise turned into excitement when I found out what was in that box. The black box was full of coupons and gift certificates! In short, I got a BuurtKadoos!

I realized that this was a great opportunity. We had just moved in, and I didn’t know the neighbourhood very well. So I set out to give some of the new places a try.  First, I went with the free massage. Although I found out that I’d have to pay for the first massage in order to get a free one, I booked a regular session (which was lovely), which was then followed by a hot stone massage, which (was even better), a few days later. I’ve always wanted to experience a professional massage, and this gift card allowed me to do just that. I came back home relaxed and rejuvenated, and will most likely go back to that place.

Then, the haircut. My hair was in desperate need of being tended to, because somehow I hadn’t managed to get a haircut earlier. But is there a better motivation than 50% off for a haircut? I don’t think so. The lady cutting my hair was extremely nice, and from her I even learned a very interesting Dutch expression (lekker druk). While I would never go to that hairdresser without the gift card (too far and much too expensive), I still got a very good haircut for half the prize.

Then, we had my parents-in-law over for a few days. What better time to try out a new restaurant in the neighbourhood than when you can get 50% off for tapas? The restaurant turned out to be a very good one, and we came back there several times for their delicious food.

I still have gift cards for other services I want to try out: a free yoga class, gift cards for cosmetics, maybe the two free bottles of wine? So little time, so much to do!

I think that BuurtKadoos had a great idea: to welcome people in their new homes, allowing them to try the services in their neighbourhood and get to know new places. This is particularly helpful if you’re an expat and you have just moved in, and even better if you're an expat mother who likes to get pampered once in a while.

I was very happy to have received such a gift and I want for you to be able to do the same: to explore new places for free, or with a discount. This is why I asked BuurtKadoos to sponsor this giveaway. Thankfully, they accepted and now you can win a BuurtKadoos yourself!

The only thing you have to do is to answer the question: What kind of places or services would you like to receive a gift certificate for?

This give-away will run for two weeks, till August 14th. The winner will be picked by random using Random.org. You can start commenting now!


1. You must be 18 or over to enter.
2. You must live in the Netherlands.
3. You must read these rules.
4. One commenter will be selected as winner. Please answer the question: 
5. Comments will be open until 11:59 PM on August 14th,2012.
6. The Winner will be chosen randomly using Random.org.
7. The Winner will be announced on August14th, 2012.
8. Prize is the following package: 1 BuurtKadoos with gift certificates and coupons.

The giveaway prize was sponsored by: 
You can find them here. Also, follow them on Facebook, and Twitter!  

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  1. Anything for food goes down very well with me and I am curious to find out what restaurants there are in my area. I also think that the massage would be great for Alain!

  2. This sounds interesting. And I also desperately need a haircut :)

  3. Never heard about buurtkadoos, but it sounds so much foreign to the ideas I have about the Netherlands thus far. But the idea is amazing!

    I'm not sure there's much in our little neighborhood, but I'd most certainly try out food :)

  4. Emilie gave me some of the cards from her buurtkadoos and they were awesome. I had a discount off of lunch at Leonidas and cards for a pedicure and some other things. It's great that you are giving this away. Good luck everyone!

  5. The giveaway is over, and I am closing comments right now. I will choose a winner later today.

  6. Aaaand I have a winner: Congratulations to Bilim for winning a BuurtKadoos! Have lots of fun with it! Can you give me your address please- by email: olencja.ba@gmail.com, or via Facebook so that I can send it to the sponsor? Thanks!


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