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Friday, 27 July 2012

The Awesomeness that is Mom’s Night Out!

It’s funny how brilliant ideas sometimes struck you when you least expect it. Like, when you cycle into town at 9pm to get money from the ATM because the one closer to your place was closed. This very thing happened to Lynn Morrison. Lynn was working on the “Me-Time” series for her Nomad Parents website, when she had an idea. She thought about organising a Mom’s Night Out. But not just a couple of friends getting together for chat and drinks, no. Lynn wanted something bigger.

She envisioned a Mom’s Night Out on a national level, in the whole of Netherlands. And with this idea in mind, she started contacting expat organisations, expat mom’s networks and possible sponsors. Within two weeks, a date was set, and venues selected. With the help of other international moms, in almost every city, moms could get together for chat and cocktails yesterday. I decided to go to the one in The Hague. It was great. Not only did I manage to meet new people- one of them was Molly Quell, who will have a workshop on social media next Monday, and I am attending! Also, what is the chance of meeting a woman who comes from almost exactly the same little village as my husband? Close to none. But it happened!

I had a great time, talking and drinking, and networking. The fun thing was that we didn’t really look like moms. You would catch us talking about our children once in a while, but we mingled with other guests of the Havana restaurant effortlessly!

Since the event was sponsored, we were given goody bags. A big thank you to all the sponsors:

Simply Skin, a company producing natural cosmetics. While I don’t wear makeup, I love cosmetics, especially the kind that you can rub all over yourself. And so samples of facial cleaners, body butters, and scrubs were just the right thing for me. Simply Skin also organizes Pamper Parties. I want a Pamper Party, right now!

EGG - a company designing and producing beautiful, customizable, but above all things safe helmets for children while they’re riding their bikes.

Also, we have Slipperwereld, a company that produces swimwear for children. Most interesting! Since we want to teach Klara how to swim, their products will come in handy in the very near future!

And, of course, let's not forget Nomad Parents for the idea and for sponsoring the Mom's Night Out in The Hague!

I had a great time. I think it showed and I was even hit on by a French man. I didn’t pay him any notice, but it was still nice!  And another thing I love about Mom’s Night Out? My saint of a husband put the girls to bed so I came home to a quiet, peaceful house.

Today, I awoke to my children’s smiles. And I had to smile back. Because I had such a great time yesterday. And because my children always make me smile.

Lynn plans this to be a recurring event. I am in for the next one!

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  1. You are so sweet! I had a huge ulterior motive in organizing the night out in that I wanted one for myself (who doesn't!) and I wanted to meet the moms in other parts of the Netherlands. It seems to have gone well everywhere and now I am excited to work on the next one. Oh - and don't worry - I am emailing Vivienne at Simply Skin to book our pamper party asap.

  2. Both are not at all ulterior motives, and you gave other moms the opportunity to meet, and go out. I am glad it went well in other places, so it's only a good motivation for organizing a next time! Looking forward to the Pamper Party, and thanks for the invitation!

  3. So glad you had fun! If I wasn't 6months preganant I would have travelled somewhere to join one :) Hopefully we will do the same in Breda soon.
    Love the blog by the way :)

    1. Hello, Rosalind! Congratulations on your pregnancy! By the way, I'm a reader of your blog, and I love it too! Always interesting to read other expat mom's blogs, and yours has such an eye-pleasing layout!


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