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Monday, 10 September 2012

A proud Rijswijk resident, that’s who I am!

We have moved to Rijswijk in February, and even though it is not as nice and pretty as in Delft (where we used to live), we have found that it is a warm, friendly, international neighbourhood. And especially in Rijswijk, we have found that Rijswijk offers a genuine and heartfelt welcome to all new residents.

A few months ago, I woke up to find a BuurtKadoos, a box full of certificates and gift cards. I loved exploring my new home town. Last week, we were sent a letter, informing us that as new residents of Rijswijk, we were invited to the VIP tent at the opening of the Strandvalfestival- which, in short, means 3 days of concerts, children’s activities, and shopping.

When we arrived at the VIP tent, we were given a goodie-bag, with an information leaflet, a book about the battle of Ypenburg, and two balloons! On top of that, a bottle of rose wine and an umbrella were in the bag as well.

We then could mingle with other new residents, many of them international people, and we met some Dutch residents as well. There were snacks (including bitterballen, because can you have a snack without bitterballen?), and drinks. There was music and dancing (in Klara’s case).

Herman Klitsie, the mayor of Rijswijk, held a speech where he mentioned that he is a new resident of Rijswijk as well- and he was only made mayor in June 2012, so that long either. He highlighted Rijswijk’s many green parks and interesting locations. Of course, he had to mention the fact that we were standing on the very spot where the Treaty of Rijswijk was signed in 1697, making this a perfect location for welcoming new residents.

In the end, it was a funny, exciting outing, an opportunity to meet new people, and basically to have a great time. Which we did. 

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  1. The Rijswijkse Strandwalfestival is one of the highlights indeed! Sometimes you would wish it lasts a few days longer... what we loved this year were the trees wrapped with very colorful knitted scarves.

  2. Yes, Ute. I love the trees as well- great idea! I liked the idea of inviting new residents to the VIP tent. What a great opportunity to meet new people!

  3. I had never heard of the burtkadoos, what a lovely idea. They do have boxes for every occasion here don't they!!
    Have fun exploring your new area :)

    1. Such a pity you didn't hear of BuurtKadoos since I had a giveaway a month ago! Yes, I am definitely having fun!


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