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Monday, 15 October 2012

A walk in the woods

I am now at my in-laws’ place in Northern Germany. They live in a little village, and when you go out you’re in the woods in no time. It is a beautiful place, full of trees, and flowers and lakes. It is also very quiet. At the moment, I am enjoying this but soon I’ll miss all that come with living in a city, like the vicinity of shops and public transport - even though Rijswijk is not much of a city, but it’s close to one.

Right now, I am using my time to play with the children and go for walks. The next few days might be difficult because my husband needs surgery and will have to stay in the hospital for 3 days. So, I am trying to distract myself by taking pictures. As some of you know, I bought a Canon 600D and I think now is the perfect time to learn how to use it. Nature is always a grateful topic, and especially now is the perfect time since the leaves are just becoming yellow and red and brown. The weather is not too bad, it rains sometimes, and it’s rather cold, but I can put on my sweater and be just fine.

Only yesterday, we used the still beautiful weather during the evening to go out to get some shots. We left the children at home so that I could concentrate better and I got some decent shots of the trees and clouds and flowers. Due to the low light, the photos are not perfect, and they are in desperate need of a great deal of editing, but I had lots of fun taking them and wanted to show you where I am right now.  Also, I used the automatic camera settings. I couls have played around with shutter speed and aperture but decided against it since we didn't have so much time and I think the camera did quite a good job with the low light.

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