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Wednesday, 10 October 2012

How does it feel to raise multilingual children? Educator and activist

In the last few months, I’ve been reading a lot about parenting. I like knowing the latest trends, and finding out about the many methods and approaches to raising children. I’ve been reading about breastfeeding, AP, giving birth, home births, and many other topics.

It strikes me as very obvious that the people mostly writing about these topics are extremely excited about them and very motivated to share their stories. This is why I share many characteristics with them. I am very motivated to share my stories, to learn as much as I can about raising multilingual children, and tell you what I have learned so far.

I am very proud to be able to raise my children with many languages and I try to explain, and educate wherever I can. I also find multilingualism a fascinating topic and I could go on and on and on forever. I try not to do all too much in front of others, but rather prefer to reserve it for this blog.

Another thing that strikes me about the parenting/birth-related/ and breastfeeding blogs is the fact that the line between being informative and describing one’s own experiences and being judgmental is a very fine, fine line indeed.

I run the same risk of sounding judgmental or somehow making people feel bad about their parenting choices. I try not to do this. I don’t want to sound like raising multilingual children is the only way you can raise children. I don’t want to make it sound that my children are special because of being raised multilingually. I think they are special, and I am so proud of them, but then I am their mom and that's my job.

Judging is the last thing I want to do. Having been judged myself (to the point where somebody called the police on me), I really don’t want people to feel this way. Instead, I want to share what I have found out. I want to share my life stories which by coincidence, include being an expat and raising multilingual children.

I want to share my struggles and problems, so that maybe you can feel less alone or maybe you have been through the same thing and can offer a solution or some advice. Maybe I can help you. Or maybe you can help me. This is what this blog is for.

And last but not least, I just love learning for the sheer pleasure of learning stuff. I love learning new stuff. I am learning and gaining new information, not only because I can use it but also because it is fun to know stuff. And isn’t multilingualism fascinating? Isn’t discovering all aspects of expat life exciting? It gives me a lot to write about and I am grateful because it keeps my mind at work and my creativity going.

But maybe you could share your stories in the comments? I am looking forward to reading them! If you have questions, or advice on all things multilingualism or being an expat- please share that as well! It's always great to read other people's opinion on these topics!

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