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Monday, 12 November 2012

Simply Skin’s Pamper Party and the Delft Kid Info Fair

So, I went to two events in these two days. The first one was a Pamper Party. Can you imagine what a pamper party is? There is this lovely lady that comes to your house (Vivienne McAlistair- Geertz of Simply Skin), and she takes with her bags full of magic: there are body butters, scrubs, peelings, masks, lip balms and massage bars, and all of them lovely-smelling, made of all-natural ingredients and free of preservatives. All in all, a pleasure of all senses. You can find out more here.

The host (Lynn Morrison of Nomad Parents) prepared treats like chorizo, manchego cheese, cream cheese and baguettes from Michel, the French bakery. We also had cakes like pumpkin brownie (delicious!), and my Death by Chocolate. And you know what? Sometimes it was hard to determine what was meant to be eaten what was meant to be put on your body. I don’t have any pictures because the ladies refused to be photographed with the masks on their faces, but that is OK. I had a lovely evening with lovely ladies and went home with a wonderful goody bag (which contained my favourite facial cleaner, a body cupcake, and two body butters). Oh and let’s not forget the massage bar. A massage bar is, as the name says, for massaging. Except it is a whole bar which you can put on your partner’s body (on yours), and it melts in your hands, and on your skin. Must be lovely and I’m dying to try it out!

I came home pampered in every possible way, and I’m looking forward to more pampering from the products in my goody bag!

On Saturday, I attended quite another kind of event, the Little Kid Info Fair with Delft MaMa as the main organizer. I went there last year, and was absolutely amazed by the interesting workshops and the inspiring people, especially Eowyn’s workshop in raising multilingual children. I can’t even begin to explain how thankful I am to this organization. For example, I was coming from Rijswijk, and this year’s fair had quite an inconvenient location. I was asked to take some pictures, and wanted to help out, but had problems getting there.

Two days before the event I got an email from a lovely Delft MaMa lady, who offered to help. Her husband picked me up by car and got me back home! I wanted to take Julia with me, and they even had a baby seat. I needed a ride, and the lovely ladies got together and organized a ride. For me. Thank you, dear ladies.

I didn’t take a lot of pictures, but was able to at least get decent shots of some of them. I visited one workshop on “learning differently and special needs” because I thought that maybe Julia could benefit from some tips on that, but the workshop (led by Myra Hillebrink) definitely concentrated on visual learning, so it didn’t really suit my needs. But it was very interesting, and Myra is an extremely warm, welcoming person! I will update this post with pictures as soon as I can!

After an exciting two days, we had Sunday to relax a bit and decided to Scheveningen where we had a nice walk on the beach, and then we went to Sea Life. That was fun for everybody involved! 

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