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Monday, 10 December 2012

Expats Blog Awards 2012

Thanks to your help, I received an honorary award from expatsblog.com, and I would like to say  a big "thank you"! Your comments and support have made this possible. You made this happen. I can't express how happy I am and what this means to me.

Netherlands expat blogs</a>

Your comments were all so wonderful, that I'm going to quote some of them here:

What I can find in Olga's blog is a huge amount of wise parents' love. Everyone should read Olga's blog and learn how to raise children wisely, which can be more problematic when you're a Pole, your husband is German and you raise your children in the Netherlands.

I've never seen a person so passionate in doing something. She's very well informed and I often ask her opinion. Her blog is absolutely a great source of information and a source of "empathy" sense for me. I feel less lost when I come to her blog. She knows what she's talking about, and she's always very caring in giving her help and opinion. Her blog has all the features to win, easy to read, well done graphically and in contents, etc...I think that explaining difficult matters in an easy way is a gift, and not everybody has this gift.

I would like to thank Olga for this Blog. She is sharing here all her precious experiences and observations. I admire her so much for her enthusiasm and her passion in bringing up her babies. I have been scared for some time thinking " what will I do with my babies in the future? I will drive them crazy with all the languages they will have to speak!" I am also expat together with my partner and, to make it more complicated, my partner was born and grew bilingual. Thanks to Olga's Blog and Tips, I think one day I can make it too!

I like Olga's blog because she gives us insight into what it is like to be a parent raising multicultural, multilingual kids in the Netherlands. Keep up the good work, our multicultural society needs blogs like yours.

This wonderful blog is always a joy to read and it has also taught me a thing or two about multilingualism. AND one doesn't have to be a parent to find many of the topics interesting!

These are such wonderful comments and there are many more! You can read all of them here
Again, thank you so much!

I would also like to take this opportunity to offer my congratulations to the other winners. I am so excited to be mentioned among these wonderful writers. So please, check them out and find yourself entertained, challenged, inspired, impressed, and more!

- Gold: Adventures in Integration
- Bronze: A Flamingo in Utrecht
- Honourary: Dutch Pancake
- Honourary: The Wooden Shoes Diaries

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