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Monday, 7 January 2013

And I can sparkle!

Lynn of Nomad Mom Diary is so going to kill me for what I did this weekend. Or maybe she won’t if I tell you to go to her blog, read it and then, after you had recovered from laughing follow it on Twitter or like it on Facebook. Preferably both. Or if I tell you that I didn’t do what I did in public.

So what did I do? I celebrated the approaching 30 week of my pregnancy by… putting on my wedding dress. Does it make sense to you? Most of the brides don’t fit into their wedding dresses after they had children. My wedding dress only fits around 30 weeks of pregnancy. That’s how far along I was with Klara when I got married.

Now, many women say that pregnancy has been the best time of their lives. That they felt special and beautiful while pregnant. When other women complain about their pregnancies, they are told to suck it up because they’re growing a baby and isn’t that beautiful. Me? I am grateful that the pregnancy is going so well. Baby Y is growing and seems to be healthy. Overall this pregnancy has been pretty kind to me so far. But there are moments when I am too tired to think, too tired to act, too tired to do anything. When I am sleep deprived which is killing me. When I am naturally clumsy and my big belly doesn’t help with my balance. When I get reflux so bad that I can’t even think about food.

And it’s going to be a lot worse. My already huge belly will become even bigger. These kicks will soon start hitting some organ or another, and it will be painful. I may get sciatic pain again, and that hurts. A lot. I will become clumsier, more tired, more sleep deprived. If I happen to go overdue with this pregnancy (and I pray I won’t), I will hate every minute of the wait, big and clumsy and in pain.

You think I am overreacting? I assure you that I am not, because for many women this is how pregnancy looks like. For some, it is even so much worse than this. I am lucky in this regard. But it is not easy. Now I’ve always been a jeans-and-t-shirt kind of person. I love comfy clothes. I don’t wear high heels (unless I am getting married), I hardly ever wear skirts or dresses. No make-up, ever.

But, this one time, I wanted to put on my beautiful simple wedding dress. I wanted to feel its smooth silky texture against my skin. I wanted to put on the veil and my white high heel shoes. I didn't put on make-up (I don’t even have any at home), and I didn't put on any additional jewellery, but still, I wanted to sparkle and I wanted to glow.

I hope to remember that glow when my pregnancy will get harder. Here are some pictures. Maybe they’re nothing special, but they helped.    
This is from my actual wedding day, in 2009. I was 30 weeks pregnant with Klara.
Celebrating being 30 weeks pregnant with Julia, 2011.
Almost 30 weeks pregnant with Baby Y.

Not sure whether I really sparkled, but I know that my children sparkled the most of all. 
Julia, demonstrating her new-found standing skills.
Klara, playing around with mama's veil.

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  1. I am going to forgive you, but only barely. The photos are really lovely and it looks like all three of you had a good time. Besides, I would have to be a particularly evil bitch to begrudge you a moment of beauty at 30 weeks. I say find it wherever you can! Now if you look that good at 39 weeks pregnant then we'll have to have another conversation ;)

    1. Hahaha, Lynn!I hoped that Klara's cute smile will make you forgive me! I am not sure whether I'll look anything at 39 weeks because I will be taken over by my huge belly. I promise this is the last time because the dress really only fits me for a week or so. Now it's back to my baggy sweaters and my only pair of pregnancy pants.

  2. What a special way to celebrate a wedding anniversary (not just on the day itself), and all the life changes that come with it.

    1. Thanks, and that was also my idea- that under certain circumstances I get to celebrate my wedding day twice in a year. I guess that's the real reason why I had children- no, just kidding. But I am very happy to have this opportunity at least a few times in my lifetime, even though I remember how sad I was watching all these beautiful slim ladies choosing their dresses- I was sad that I wasn't going to be one of them... but now I am very happy that we did it that way- I loved feeling Klara's kicks just before I said my vows.

  3. You look lovely in you're gown! A special and beautiful way to celebrate!

    1. Thank you, Melanie for stopping by and commenting! It was indeed very special even though it only lasted for a 5 minutes (I wanted my pants back!). I'm happy that I could do this with all the children- even though only Klara was "there" for the wedding.


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