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Monday, 4 February 2013

Women who work together grow together

Jolanda Adrianus and Cathy Delhanty
Cathy Delhanty and Jolanda Adrianus-photo courtesy of Upward Spiral

I have recently come across a great initiative, known as “Upward Spiral”. The idea is this: get 500 female entrepreneurs together for an event, let them network, and help each other grow their businesses. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

The event will be a huge conference, held in The Hague on March 3rd, 2013. The tickets are not cheap, but this is for a reason. The price for the tickets is intended to pay for the professionals and their expertise who took part in helping create the event- all of them are female entrepreneurs themselves and are located in The Hague area). It is also because Upward Spiral is specifically designed to bring the economy forward, and the deadline for the conference is extremely short- after all, it was started in January, and the conference is in March. The short deadlines are also intended to bring out all the creativity in the people, and get them to work hard thus acting as growth accelerator for the economy.

Another point worth mentioning are the high level speakers-check them out here and you will be impressed! Their workshops and hands-on tutorials are meant to help to fill the knowledge gap between men and women, and provide female entrepreneurs with the know-how to start growing their businesses straight away.

Started by Cathy Delhanty, owner of Point 6 and networking specialist, and Jolanda Adrianus (owner of Tonbo Interieurstyling), who together created Event500 to act as conference organizers, the bilingual conference targets both Dutch and international entrepreneurs living in The Hague area.

I was very impressed by this conference and by the vision behind it. I am very lucky to personally know many of the businesses and women involved in this project- among others Lynn Morrison, Molly Quell, Manuela Damant (whom I have already mentioned), and also Tonia Tzortzi and Natalia Nikolopoulou of nt squared. These ladies are all incredibly talented and together they work really hard to make this happen.

If you are a female entrepreneur living in the Netherlands, you have a unique chance to be a part of this and to make more out of your business!

Interested? Check out the Upward Spiral website, their Twitter feed and Facebook page for more information! 

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1 comment:

  1. Thank you for the lovely article Olga! We would like to invite your readers to our drop-in CoffeeClub500 at Herenstraat 18b Oud Rijswijk (above the Hema) every Friday morning until the conference on 3 March.

    It is enormously satisfying helping companies grow!

    Kind regards


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