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Friday, 22 March 2013

Introducing: Very Special Fridays!

I have joined the Multicultural Kid Blogs Facebook Group only a few weeks ago, but already I am feeling like I've always been there. A while ago, Leanna of All Done Monkey had her second baby boy, and she had this brilliant idea of asking other bloggers to submit guest posts so that she could keep her blog alive and still have time for her children, and to get used to the transition between one and two. 

When I was still pregnant, I wasn't feeling all that well, and I didn't know how much longer I'd be able to keep blogging three times a week like I usually do. I supposed that after birth I would need time to figure out how this three-children- business worked. Leanna helped me realize that I needed help if this blog was about to continue growing like it has for the last few weeks.

I asked other bloggers for guest posts, and the response I got was more than I had ever hoped for. So many great bloggers responded that they wanted to help me even though many of them have never met me, and as I said I have just been a member of the group for a short time. 

I have already received many fantastic guest posts, and there are more to come! I then decided to make this a slightly bigger series, stretching out through many weeks if all goes well. I have just read that Google has decided to "punish" bloggers for guest posts- just when I thought that it would help me get more traffic. So I will not call this series guest post Friday. I will call it Very Special Fridays. 

Because these posts are indeed special. I didn't realise that by asking for help I would receive so much more. The posts will be various, covering general parenting topics, raising multicultural and multilingual children, and much more. There will be advice, personal stories, and interviews. The bloggers come from many countries and cultural backgrounds.

Last but not least, however,  for me, these posts  a lesson in how to write better. As a non-English speaker, I am always curious to see how other people write, and I sometimes get inspired by a certain style, use of certain words and  phrases. Many of these posts are so beautifully written, that I feel honoured to feature them here. So much for me to learn!

Other than that, I will try to post regularly on Mondays and Wednedays wherever possible, and then on Fridays you will get some food-for-thought from some great bloggers. Enjoy! 

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  1. Wonderful, look forward to reading these special friday posts!

    1. Thank you, Tallulah! And if you have the time to write something yourself, I'll be more than happy to have you here again!


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