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Monday, 15 April 2013

Let’s make each sunny day a national holiday!

It seems that my attempts to fire winter have finally worked! It is much warmer now, and even though it’s raining today, it is pretty much what I consider normal here. Rain is normal. Do you know what is NOT normal? Snow in mid - April.

Yesterday, the weather was so perfect, so beautiful that we took our chances and ventured out to Scheveningen beach. We must have looked funny, with the girls in the huge red double stroller, and me with Markian in the baby carrier. We met with friends of ours, sat down in one of the beach cafés and enjoyed ourselves.

The sun was shining, I was snacking on tapas, having great conversations with our friends and loving every moment of this day. The children were playing in the sand. Life was beautiful. And, amidst of all this fun, I had a revelation.

This is the weekend, I was thinking. But what if such perfect weather suddenly hits on a working day? Millions of people will miss the rare opportunity to enjoy the sunshine. So, I came up with a solution so brilliant that it will blow your minds.

Let’s make each sunny day a national holiday!

We all know this won’t affect general productivity since sunny days are so rare here. On the contrary, it may give employees the energy they need to go one working when they can’t go on vacation. And, imagine what togetherness this would create!

This would be a perfect opportunity for some Dutch-expat exchange! Speaking of expats, they could certainly use a free sunny day especially if they’re from Italy or Spain or other countries known for their perfect sunny weather. As for the Dutch people, they surely won’t mind another day of going outside to celebrate?

For moms, this would make for a perfect opportunity to spend a day with their husbands and children (or not), and it doesn’t matter whether they’re working in or out of the home.

It doesn’t matter where you come from, where you work or what you do. Where rain tends to cause isolation, sunshine will bring everybody together in a celebration of one perfect, beautiful day.

Now, the only thing left to do is to persuade the government to act. Who’s with me? Give me a shout!   

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