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Wednesday, 17 April 2013

PressReader- a review

Courtesy of PressReader

I didn’t realise how much I missed reading newspapers in Polish until I had the chance to review PressReader, thanks to some luck and Ute of Expat Since Birth. It is an app allowing you to download more than 2300 newspapers from over 100 countries directly on your iPhone, iPad, Android or computer. To review this app, I used my iPad.

PressReader is extremely easy to navigate. You can choose your country and will be shown a list of newspapers from that country. There is also a search option, allowing you to search by newspaper title, language and date. The options tool will allow you to change the settings to adjust your reading experience to your liking. Moreover, PressReader has many interactive features such as clickable links as well as the possiblity to listen to the articles. The voice (I listened to the Polish and German versions)  is rather articificial, but clear and understandable.

Courtesy of PressReader

The newspaper is then downloaded on your device. You can choose to keep the original newspaper layout, or decide to use SmartFlow, making for a more iPad-friendly experience.

I wanted to read something in Polish so I chose Gazeta Wyborcza, the biggest Polish newspaper. Such fun reading newspaper in my language again! Newspapers often come with many sections and the Wyborcza is no exception. I didn’t want the whole newspaper and I was very happy that PressReader allowed me to choose the sections that interested me. The quality is exceptional, with pictures and print perfectly visible and readable. I was especially impressed with the vibrant colours of the pictures- especially useful if you want to read the lifestyle section.

Courtesy of PressReader

With PressReader, I am able to receive the newest edition of the newspaper of my choice, delivered directly to my iPad - it’s quick, convenient and environmentally friendly! In fact, reading the newspaper on my iPad was a much better experience than reading it in paper.

The only thing that I have to point out is that while PressReader offers thousands of newspapers to choose from, the majority of them are local newspapers or tabloids. I wanted to download some German newspapers only to find out that there are almost no good quality national newspapers. Magazines are also missing from the list.

However, I am hoping that the number of newspapers will increase with time and even now, with the huge variety of newspapers to choose from, I am sure that everybody will find something to read. Otherwise, PressReader is perfect for all of you who miss reading newspapers in your own language, or in the language of the country you used to live in.

Are you interested in PressReader? Check out the website and download the app. You can also follow PressReader on Facebook and Twitter.

Disclosure: I was not paid for this review. 

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