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Monday, 27 May 2013

7 tips for finding your blogging inspiration

I am very surprised that almost 2 years into this blogging thing I have never run out of ideas for blog posts. On the contrary, somehow every day, I come up with something new to write about. I could write 5 different blogs and always have blog post ideas. My friend asked me where I got my blogging inspiration from. My answer was that the inspiration is everywhere, but that’s not very helpful, is it? So, I decided to write a list of things that inspire me to write. 

Also, I am currently taking part in the Social Media School organized by my friend Renee of Zestee Concepts. Last week’s topic was blogging and as homework, we have to write and share one blog post with the group and I thought this post would be a good idea. So here are some tips where to look for inspiration.

1)      Your life
If you pay attention, crazy stuff happens to you every day. Sometimes it is something you see while shopping. A discussion that you have overheard. Something that made you happy or it made you mad. Especially all the things that push you out of your comfort zone and that change your outlook on life. I had the police being called on me, I had to learn a new language and navigate through a totally new healthcare system and get used to new cultural norms. All of this is pure blogging gold! Of course, it doesn’t have to be so traumatic or life-changing. Sometimes, even the smallest events can make you write if you let them.

2)      Your family and friends
Often it’s a good idea to share something personal. It can be a family anecdote, the hilarious thing your children did this morning, or something you can write with a specific person in mind. For example, one of the reasons I am writing my blog is so that my family back home can see what I am up to. When a friend was going through difficulties, I thought up a list of things to do to help a friend when they’re in need and you can’t help them because you live abroad.  If Manuela hadn’t asked me her question, I would never have considered this to be important. But since she did ask, I wrote this post because maybe more of you will have the same question. Other friends also make me think about new blog posts by asking questions and sharing their experiences. Above all, my children are the driving force behind this blog. They teach me something new every day and I want to share that!

3)      Other bloggers
I am sure if you have a blog, you’re reading other blogs, if not to see what others are writing about your niche. I am sure some of them make you think, some of them will make you angry and sometimes you feel that you just couldn’t agree more! All of this is a great source for potential blog posts! Other bloggers are crucial for any blog and are responsible for many of my blog posts. Also, have you considered taking part in blogging carnivals or writing guest posts? Try that and you could suddenly find yourself writing even if you didn’t want to! Last but not least, the community feeling that comes from communicating with other bloggers through Facebook groups or in real life, can easily make that sparkle become a full-blown blog post. This is not only the case for blog content, but also for writing styles and blog layout and design! I try to read many blog on many different topics. Some of them are not related to my niche, but they always give me something to think about and then my thoughts may just turn into blog posts!

4)      Books and films
Sometimes you can read a book or watch a movie, and find yourself thinking about it, and end up writing a whole blog post, even if it’s not connected to your niche. If you’re blogging in a certain niche, you’re probably reading books about that niche, am I right? If you’re finding yourself pressed for more blog fodder, try writing a review of the book you’re reading, or the movie you’re watching! I read two books on multilingualism and wrote the reviews as well! I am a book addict. I will devour each and any book I can get on my hands. And I love watching films and TV series. Recently, I have read “Loud Hands. Autistic People Speaking”. It is in equal parts inspiring and gut-wrenching, and I have found myself thinking again about topic such as being different and alternative forms of communication. I am sure that I will write something that has been inspired by this book very soon- I just need some time to process this. Also, even if you’re reading books and films unrelated to your niche, it can give your brain a break and thus more energy to write.

5)      Your head
The cool thing about blogging is that it allows so many different perspectives! If you show 10 bloggers an apple, you will end up having 10 different blog posts, all of them inspired by that apple. For example, you can write an article how apples make you happier. Or a blog posts about how your child got apple smashed all over the table. This is less about reality, more about perspective- the way you see the world, the way you make connections in your head. Sometimes two things come together in a very surprising way, such like for example winter and an employer getting fired. Or photography and laundry. Just let your thoughts run wild for a while and see what happens. The results can surprise you!

6)      Your hobbies and products you love
Hobbies are great for blogging because it is something you love doing. There are hobbies that make great blogging topics for every blogging niche (such as photography or design), and there are hobbies specific to certain blog niches (such as learning languages, being an expat, technology). Fact is, you can make a whole blog out of your hobbies! Or you can incorporate your hobbies into blog posts. Hobbies can be also useful for blogging because they clear your head for new ideas, especially if they’re not related to your blog. Products are another great, if rather unexpected source of blog posts. What about sharing a great product you have encountered, or events you have participated in? You can also write product reviews. Let your readers know what you have (or haven’t) appreciated in a product and why!

7)      Your blog and its readers
If you find yourself lacking for blog posts ideas, look at your older blog posts. You will find that they need to be corrected, or explained in further details or tackled under a new point of view. The additional benefit of doing this is that it allows you to keep your blog updated at the same time! And this is true for content as well as for design- maybe you can try to give your blog a makeover! Go and read the comments, check the discussions going on your Facebook page. Check what people say about your niche. Often your readers ask inspiring, important questions. You can use the input for further posts! Or you can ask a question and make a post from the answers! The possibilities are many. Readers are an invaluable part of every blogging community. I love and read every comment and reply to it. Some of them make me think about what I am writing here. Others just want to say that they liked my posts- both are a great source of inspiration! I will also have a guest post by a reader coming very soon! How exciting is that!

What are your sources of inspiration for your blog posts? What do you do when you find think you have nothing to write about? Please share!

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  1. Thank you! I recently found myself "stuck" and my blog (www.blogbythephoenix.com) lay dormant for a long time. This helps me a lot! :)

    1. Simona, you're welcome, I am glad these tips were useful to you. I hope you will find your inspiration again and will continue to write... your blog is great, and I would love to read more of your posts!

  2. Thanks Olga! This is great info... I will surely use it on my blog http://livingbilingual.com ! Check there and see if you can recognize me using your tips. Appreciate it!

    1. Hi Jeffrey, thank you for your comment and I am glad that my post proved useful to you! How good for you to start a blog- it's so much fun! I checked it out and it's great! Will definitely visit!

  3. Hey Mama,

    I also find myself being able to write 5 or so blog posts a day. I just stopped writing them down because it became overwhelming.

    Shockingly, lots of my ideas have come from twitter. I get very inspired by the things people tweet. In fact, someone tweeted something last week - that I want to write about.

    Other bloggers would be my second biggest one. If someone cooks something I blog about it. If someone inspires me I will quote them and then add my thoughts.

    Faith - I go a lot on faith and revelation. I can't take five steps outside the door before I find something to blog about.

    My kids are also a source. They are full of surprises and wonders! They could keep my blog fed for years.

    Thanks so much for this great post!

    1. Hi Lisa,

      thanks for stopping by! Good that you found this post useful and thanks for sharing your own sources of inspiration! I haven't considered faith as a source for inspiration, but you're right, it can give lots of inspiration, thank you for pointing this out!

  4. Great post! Thank you for sharing your tips for new blogging ideas :) I definitely draw on a lot of these for inspiration, but reminders are always helpful!

    1. Hi Kat, thanks for the comment! Good to see that this post is helpful! Is there anything in particular you would like to add?

  5. Finding inspiration can be difficult. But I have found that the best way to find inspiration in life is through the core values for inspired living: opportunity, prosperity, respect, attitude, and happiness.

    1. Hi, Lily Wendy thank you for stopping by and commenting. For me, finding inspiration for blogging is not hard at all, in fact the only problem I have is with getting all these ideas written down. I like your ways to find inspiration-they apply to so much more than just blogging.

  6. This is a really helpful list of blog inspirations... I've bookmarked it for future reference - so thank you :-)

  7. could everyone check out my blog- "Life's a picture" I recently did my first blog post and i would love it if you all checked it out thanks!


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