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Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Nominated for the Sunshine Award!

The sun must be shining on me regardless of the weather because I got nominated for the Sunshine Award, which is a blogger-to-blogger award for blogs that inspire and bring sunshine into people’s lives. It is a great honour and I accept! As with these awards, there are rules:

1)  Thank the blogger who nominated you: what you to Madre Exilio over at Madernidaden2lenguas! Check out her blog which is amazing and in two languages- not an easy feat!
2)      Post the award images in your blog. See above!
3)      Tell 7 facts about yourself:

I love living abroad but I miss my family and my city
I spend too much time online (something I’ve been trying to avoid)
I love going for walks
I think a lot, sometimes too much
I love dancing and would like to start a dancing course
I enjoy learning new things, such as languages, activities and exploring new interests
I love being a mom!

              4) Nominate 5-10 other blogs and let the writers known about their nominations!

De Su Mama- I simply cannot tell you enough how much I love Vanessa’s blog! It is beautifully designed, and full of great recipes, ideas and thoughts.

Diary of a Nomad Mom- Lynn’s blog makes me laugh with every single post. She is funny, she is clever, she is inspiring.

Kids Yoga Stories- it is because of Giselle I started doing yoga with my children. They get it more and more every day!

Bilingual Monkey- because of all the great tips and funny posts that you can find there!

Invading Holland- Stu’s blog won the Bloggies this year, and apart from that, he’s absolutely hilarious!

Adventures in Integration- Nerissa has helped me a lot with blog promotion, and her blog is also full of useful tips and funny stories of her life in the Netherlands

Mama Mzungu- Kim’s blog has inspired me to become a World Mom’s Blog contributor. Her thoughtful and funny posts on parenting across cultures always make me think- and inspire me to write more posts!

Learning to be the Light- I am a huge fan of Christi’s writing. It is beautiful, thoughtful and funny all at once. She covers important topics such as being a step mom, multilingualism and her life in general.

Dutch Australian- Renee is a friend of mine, and I think she has superpowers. She has two girls, works as a social media consultant and photographer, runs a professional parents website and blogs at Dutch Australian. Oh, and she also runs a great social media class I am currently participating in.

Discovering the World Through my Son’s Eyes- Frances’s blog is well worth a visit. It discusses multilingualism, but you will also find many crafts, arts and ideas for multilingual learning at home or in the classroom!

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  1. What an honor! Thank you for nominating me! I will be writing up my post to have it published tomorrow with my nominations. :) Gracias

    1. Frances, you're so very welcome! It is well deserved and I am glad that I could give this nomination to so many great bloggers- including yourself!

  2. I love the term used for the "Sunshine Award". I remember when I used to have an issue on vitamin d3 deficiency, my mom used to tell me that when I recovered, she will give me a "sunshine award". This helps me remember it. :)

    1. Hi Valerie, thanks for your cute comment- Loved your story! Did you get your sunshine award? I also love the name "sunshine award" because in the Netherlands, this is often the only sunshine I get, so I am definitely enjoying it!


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