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Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Sit! Drink! Milk!

So, last time I reported on Klara’s progress, but what about Julia? And I fail to mention her progress just at the time when I decided to give her more attention. But this is only because Julia’s speech development is pretty much normal, while Klara’s was slow. But I totally forgot that even normal speech development is nothing short of amazing.

So, Julia can walk now. She still looks like a little duck, but it is, I must tell you, a very cute little duck. She has learned to walk just shy of her second birthday and with new-found ability, her speech, while it was on an age-appropriate level a while ago, has now exploded.

Listening to her, I feel like being commanded around all the time: “eat!”, “sit!”, “drink!”, “Pajamas!”. Sometimes, there are fun little sentences: “Mama, eat!”, “Sit here!”, and so on. I love listening to her talking and talking all the time!

She does talk a lot. Quite a big part of her talking is not understandable, just babbling. Other times, it sounds like whole, grammatically correct sentences, mostly in German (“Was ist das?”). When she wants something, she says: “Ich auch”- talking about herself as “I”, not as “Julia”. Sometimes, she does the same thing in Polish. I suppose that I spend the most of my time with her and so she learns Polish the usual way, while her German mostly comes from Klara, whom she wants to emulate.

What I find the most astounding is the fact that Julia can pronounce the different “sh”-sounds in Polish, clearly and without any problems-Klara still struggles with some of them. I’ve been trying to teach her letters, and it seems to be working, but that’s a topic for another blog post.

I am very impressed with the speed at which Julia is learning, her vocabulary often being enriched by up to three words a day. It may be normal, but for me, this is fantastic!

And, last but not least, there is the beauty of her. While she was a small, elfish baby with a hair colour that didn’t resemble anything at all and didn’t really grow until she was maybe a year and a half, she has developed into a stunning toddler with huge grey-green eyes, curly strawberry-blonde hair and a smile that makes hearts melt.

I know that every mom see her child as beautiful but it doesn’t happen often that your child gets photographed by strangers.. but this is also a topic for a different blog post. 

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