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Friday, 21 June 2013

A Very Special Friday with Gosia of Mama w Bojowkach (Cargo Pants Mom)

This is a super funny post by my friend Malgorzata (Polish equivalent of Margaret). We met many many many years ago on the Biotechnology Summer School where our parents were invited to be speakers and chairpersons. We then lost touch, and thanks to Facebook, found each other again. I was happy to learn that Gosia was mom to a super cleverly bright little boy (who is Julia's age), and she also started a blog, called Mama w bojówkach (Cargo Pants Mom) about parenting, teaching children to read, and general observations from her daily life. If you speak Polish, come over and say "hi!"

And So She Slept, And in Her Sleep She Spoke Tongues

First of all, thank you Olga for inviting me to post on your wonderful blog ;) I’m inspired by you and your life story ever so much! Even more so now, when we’ve reconnected after a good few years with so many new tales to tell.

We got to talking about funny dreams a few weeks back, remember? Well, I should definitely mention one over here, since it fits your blog nicely – the dream about languages.  Of languages.  In languages. Ack! Let’s start from the beginning…

I was always a language buff, and learning a new one came fairly easily.  As early as primary school, I acquainted myself with English and German, plus some Russian under my mum’s tutelage. In further education, I came across these and also Italian, which I love even now, and French, which I wish I had slightly more of a knack for. My hobbies and other pursuits led me to sink my teeth into Spanish and Esperanto, if only for a bit. That’s seven foreign languages in all, as I’m Polish by birth. Seven! An impressive number, even considering I think of myself as fluent in only two of these – Italian and English. The others I’ve mastered to an I-attended-a-course-and-did-some-work-at-home extent, at various levels.

Imagine my sleepy surprise, then, within my funny dream…

… when, as a result of a rather painful blow to the head and a rather puzzling hospital recovery…
… I could communicate almost flawlessly in each of my seven foreign languages.

 English, of course, was no problem.  Italiano non era un problema per me. Je pourrais vous parler très bien le français aussi.  Ich sprach mit Leichtigkeit und ZuversichtDeutschen. Idioma español llegó de forma natural como una canción… Я мог читать стихи на русском языке… Kaj mi povisprofeso amo en Esperanto!

Best.  Nerdy. Dream.  Ever. I wish this could happen to people in real life, not just in dreams… Maybe without the blow to the head though. My brain is spinning already!

[IMG_0237.JPG]Małgorzata is an attachment parenting mom to 2-year-old Tymek. She blogs at Mama w bojówkach (Cargo Pants Mom) about all things parenting. She is a translator, a trainer and coach at The Natural Mind and regularly organizes mommy-and-me classes in Gdańsk, Poland.

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