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Friday, 12 July 2013

Second Blogiversary, Part Three!

This is the third and last part of my blogging anniversary- the next regular Very Special Friday will be next week! These are all great answers and I would like to thank all these great bloggers who took part! I hope these answers make you realize how great and awesome blogging is, and how much it can help! Are you a blogger but haven't shared your blogging lessons? Please do that in the comments!

Krissy (Little Bins for Little Hands - a sensory experience):Blogging has helped me to continue feeling productive, creative and regimented since I've left work as a preschool teacher and became a stay at home mom 1 year ago.

Krissy (B - inspired Mama):Blogging started as a sort of distraction and therapy for me while I was struggling with my transition from being a full time art teacher to a full time (and new) mother. And while it still does act as a sort of therapy for sure, I never realized how it would transform into a way for me to connect so much with other moms. And as a way to make a (albeit) small difference in their and their children's lives. And now as a way to support myself and my kiddos. B-Inspired Mama has really been a blessing in so many ways!

Katie (Gift of Curiosity):Blogging has given me an outlet for my creativity because I get to create images and printables with fun fonts, beautiful colors, and wonderful graphics. Blogging has also given me a way to give back - I get to share fun ideas for activities to do with kids, just as I used to get so many great ideas from other blogs before I began blogging. - Katie from Gift of Curiosity

Sarah (Kz and Me):I am still very new to it but it has helped through tough moments with my son who is on the spectrum. I feel like I can share what we do and what works and doesn't and I have the ability to look at our day and give it some perspective. It has also given me a wonderful outlet to meet new and like minded people to share with!

Sheila (Pennies of Time): Blogging has been a fun way to shrink the world! I have been able to connect with people across the globe that have similar passions for the same thing I do! I appreciate that it gives even the "smallest" voice a platform to communicate and be heard.

Ashley (Life With Moore Babies): Blogging has forced me to organize my time and be more intentional with my kids! Before I had lots of things I wanted to do but rarely made time for. It has also introduced me to wonderful people who are so helpful and encouraging. Something I really need as we enter homeschooling! (Life With Moore Babies)

Michelle (Balancing Jane): Blogging has taught me the value of finding people who share my perspectives and experiences (my "tribe," if you will) as well as how to grow some tough skin and take constructive criticism when I hear from people who don't share those perspectives.

Gaby ( Beauty by Gaby): Blogging has taught me how to communicate better with an audience and not to be shy especially since others share the same love for beauty as me 

Leyla ( Origami Spirit): Blogging has taught me that we can create meaningful relationships and connections with people through this media. 

Diana (LadyDeeLG) Blogging has taught me how important it is to have a community that supports you, and that somewhere, someplace, someone is also going through the same thing you are! you're not alone!

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