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Monday, 8 July 2013

Second Blogiversary, Part one!

Today, only 2 days after my own birthday, The European Mama is celebrating her second birthday! It is of course no coincidence, since this blog was a gift to myself to tell my stories. And I can't believe what grew out of it! I couldn't be more proud! But I wouldn't have done it myself. Last year, there was a giveaway. This year, there won't be a giveaway, because I want to make this birthday about the very people who welcomed me into their community and supported me in any way they could. I want to make this birthday about other bloggers. So I reached out and asked them to write a little sentence to show how much blogging has given them, and I would like to feature their replies here. Please click over to these wonderful blogs! It will come in three parts since I got so many great replies. Here's part one!

Annabelle (The Piri Piri Lexicon): It has given me a wonderful community of online friends and people who are in similar situations with whom I can share ideas and problems.

Mari (Inspired by Familia) Blogging has taught me that there is power in our stories and as a result we have the awesome opportunity to connect with kindred hearts. 

Becky (Kid World Citizen): Blogging has connected me to globally-minded parents and teachers from around the world, who also aspire to raise compassionate kids. 

Mary (Sprout’s Bookshelf):  Blogging has opened me up to so much - meeting awesome people from around the globe, who also have a passion for culture and diversity. And I've read so many terrific books too! 

Stephanie (InCultureParent Magazine): It's been amazing to meet so many like minded people from around the world, who share my same passion for raising bilingual and globally minded kids. It has also been a big source of learning for me about parenting across other cultures and traditions, and I LOVE that I get to share these stories about global parenting via my website to help contribute in some small way to raising the next generation of little global citizens.

Leanna (All Done Monkey): I have connected with wonderful creative, loving, like-minded moms all over the world! They are so much fun and have been a great source of support for me.

Kristen (Toddling in the Fast Lane)Blogging has given me confidence that I'm a good mom.

Varya (Creative World of Varya): Blogging taught me about Creative Rights which is a great way to show respect to others. And I have made so many wonderful friends by connecting to other blogging moms all over the world!

Stephen (Head of the Heard): Blogging has given me valuable insights into other people's experiences and shown me that together we are strong. To be in a supportive community means the world.

Giselle (Kids Yoga Stories): Blogging has given me the courage to express my ideas through writing and share my experiences of travel, yoga, and teaching.  Connecting with like-minded women from around the world is a gift and brings me joy every day.  Blogging has been a invaluable creative outlet while raising an infant and it benefits both of us ... happy momma-happy baby.

Carole (Your Expat Child): I’ve been blogging for five years now. Initially it started as a way to record events and daily life in a new country and has evolved into reaching out to help others. I’ve learned so much from everyone who has ever read any of my blogs that I can’t begin to put it into words!

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