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Wednesday, 25 September 2013

7 hot drinks that will help you beat the cold

Autumn has not even properly started, and already we're coughing and sneezing and have runny noses. My husband even took some days off work because he was coughing so much.

Now I am a firm believer in modern medicine. But with a stupid virus infection like that, nothing will work. However, you can make some delicious warm drinks that could help you feel better, will keep you hydrated- and are delicious, too!

1) Ginger tea
Take ginger (maybe thumb-size), peel and cut into little cubes. Add honey, add hot water. Let it steep for a while and drink.

2) Chai tea
I haven't tried making real chai yet, but I sometimes use a packet of chai tea, add water and then some milk and sugar or honey. Will have to try making real chai soon! And besides, there is nothing better than chai tea on a rainy day!

3) Olga's tea: 
Make a cup of good quality black tea. Add raspberry syrup, cloves, and maybe some  honey- I know it will be super sweet, but it really helps! I also add dried raspberries to my tea!

4)  This creamy turmeric tea
I haven't expected anything from this tea, but it is indeed: "creamy Mug of Warming Deliciousness", as the author puts it. And it clears the throat in no time!

5) Hot chocolate
I know that eating sweets is not a good thing when you're sick, but hear me out. First, you need to make the hot chocolate. You can of course use powder, but I would encourage you to use chocolate chips- add milk and wait until melted. Add cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, and a pinch of chili. Oh yes!

6) Lemon tea- the Gemans call this "Heisse Zitrone", hot lemon. Take hot water, juice of half a lemon (or more if you like), add honey or sugar. Drink.

6) Herbal teas
Camomille, lemon balm, mint, thyme or linden blossoms. Especially the latter is great if you have a cold- combine these with honey, raspberry syrup, sugar, or anything you like!

7)  Fruit teas
Raspberry, rosebuds, or hibiscus are commonly used to make delicious teas- again, feel free to add honey, or just drink it plain.

If you're healthy, I sincerely hope you'll stay that way, you can still enjoy these teas. If you're sick, I hope you'll get better real soon- and maybe these teas will help. 

What do you do to beat a cold?

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  1. Goji berries...They are full of Oxygen which dries out a wet liver...Anything with Milk Thistle in it-same Oxygenating effect...If I'm really sick. garlic pills the strongest ones available...Garlic lowers blood sugar, which can feed the cold...

    1. Hi Sari, I enjoy goji berries, too but I sometimes think they're overrated and there are many local fruit and herbs that are just as good. I didn't know milk thistle had healing qualitites, thanks for sharing. Oh and garlic of course- but then I focused on drinks. Besides, I love garlic as well!

  2. I'm a fan of the hot chocolate, but I think I'm going to have to try some of your "Olga's tea" =) And I'm always a fan of plain Irish/English tea with milk, too. Either way, they all feel good on a soar throat.


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