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Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Tortilla- Spanish Omelette Recipe

When I asked my daughter what I should make for dinner for her first day of school, she answered without hesitation: "Spanish omelette!". My daughter loves eggs: scrambled, sunny-side up, and Spanish omelette. Now, I am not entirely sure how Spanish this recipe really is, but it is my recipe which I think I got from watching my father make it, but I made some minor changes. Just as an explanation, by "tortilla", I mean Spanish omelette, not the bread or the chips. So here it is- my tortilla recipe. 

1kg potatoes
6 eggs
1-2 onions (I skipped them in this recipe)
olive oil for frying

Peel and slice the potatoes. Put olive oil in a frying pan and add the potatoes. You will probably have to do it in batches. The potatoes should be soft and golden- although I wait some more until they become golden brown and a little bit crispy. Put aside. Eat some of the potatoes (go on, I know you want to).

In a bowl, crack the eggs and mix. Add salt and pepper to taste.

Then, add all potatoes into the pan (if using onions, fry them before adding the potatoes) and spread them evenly on the pan. Add the egg mixture, also spread evenly.

Cook until the eggs are almost done. And now, the difficut part: the turning. 

See, tortillas need to be turned. To do it, use a big plate. Put it on the pan and flip the pan so that the omelette is on the plate. Gently put the tortilla back into the pan- the crust will be on top. 

Real tortilla should be moist on the inside and crispy on the outside, but I cook it through because of the children. And most of the time I don't flip it, either. Because I am a lazy person. 

Still, it is delicious and hope you enjoy it.  Of course, you can always adjust the proportions. The tortilla in the picture isn't perfect, but it is an old picture- the one I made yesterday was great. 

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  1. You're definitely a mommy after my own heart! I love food! Thanks for posting this recipe. My almost 17 month old son also loves eggs. ;)

    1. Hi Rina, thanks for your comment. I love food as well! And I love making, preparing it- cooking, baking, mixing, kneading- all of it! I am glad you liked the recipe, seems to be a great one for children- my 2 year old little girl is not too fond of eggs, but I don't mind. She likes other things that I make for her. I will post more recipes soon!

  2. I always loved those eggs , but neve tried any european recipe for it :) I am planning for it

    1. Hi Kulwant, thanks for your comment. I love eggs, too- hope you like this recipe!


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