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Thursday, 10 October 2013

October Multicultural Kids Blog Carnival: Multimedia for Multicultural Kids

MKB Blogging Carnival

It is my pleasure and a big honour to host the Multicultural Kids Carnival this month. Since I am a media researcher and love technology, we will explore how we can effectively use media to raise multicultural kids. I have many fabulous submissions for you and hope you can use our tips!

Media in general:

In her post, LadyDeeLG shares her very favourite resources for raising a trilingual child. A comprehensive list of great websites, books, apps, flashcards, DVD’s, CD’s, and even toys, I am sure that this post will prove incredibley helpful to everyone!

Ute over at Expat Since Birth lists her top media tools for multilingual and multicultural children, and the fact that they’re organized by language makes it very easy to search. If you don’t speak the langauges Ute lists, I am sure you will be inspired to search for similar resources in your languages.

I simply can’t tell you how much I love Lina’s post on how she uses all kinds of media for teching children Mandarin Chinese. In it, she recognizes the importance of media and how hard it would be for her to learn a foreign language in a non-native environment. She also acknowledges the importance of finding a balance between all the different media. Read Lina’s post at Best 4 Future!

In his post, “Being a multilingual and multimedia parent”, Jonathan talks about how the media, especially smartphone apps have influenced his life since he became a parent. From using an app to time his wife’s contractions, to learning how to text in Welsh, Jonathan recognizes all the benefits of using media, especially when it comes to raising his child with yet another language, Welsh. And if you really need more motivation to go over to his blog and read this very informative post, let me tell you two words: “cat videos”.

Tina from Mammynificent also shares some interesting media resources to raise multicultural children. Among others, there are some that I would have never thought of: watching tennis and cooking shows? Brilliant! I think the more resources the merrier and it’s also about not only using the right media, but also using it the right, and sometimes very creative ways!

Varya wrote a wonderful post in favour of screen time for children, and why it could be benefitial to their development if done correctly. Rather than being organized by medium or language, Varya very cleverly lists her media tools by the benefits they have: character development and family values, staying fit or language development! And you have probably never associated these benefits with screen time, right? But if done correctly, media can have a huge positive impact on children’s life- read Varya’s post on The Creative World of Varya!

Kristen of Toddling in the Fast Lane tells us how she celebrated  Muñecos de Nieve (Snowmen). She first found a fun Youtube video in Spanish about snowmen, and then she did a snowmen craft. And, the coolest thing of all? She has a book, too!  Check out her post over at Toddling in the Fast Lane! With winter approaching fast, she can also give you some ideas to try out yourself!

My post can be found here. It is about ways we teach tradition through technology, as contrary as that may sound. But it is possible, just read my post to find out how!


 Cordelia of Multilingual Mama shares her experience of giving her children too much screen time and the consequences of it, which in her case… involved living with pigs- TV pigs, of course. In her funny post, Cordelia tells the story of how she suddenly found herself using TV as babysitter. In the end, Cordelia was so unhappy with the choice of programmes for her children that she instituted a clean break and put a ban on TV to give her children the opportunity to connect with something else.

Rina Mae of Finding Dutchland talks about how a newly find rendition of “Sesame Street” has brought out her inner child. While she has instituted a ban on TV and other media for her son, I am sure that she will show this one to her little one day!

Souad shares her disappointment with the TV show “Dora” that is supposed to teach children a little Spanish, but in fact they could teach children the wrong accents. She comes to the conclusion that TV can be wrong, too! Read Souad’s post on Babelkid.

Stephanie at InCultureParent has a list of multicultural diverse cartoons where the main protagonist isn’t white. Have you ever heard of the Burka Avenger, the burka-clad superhero who fights for girls education, and was inspired by Malala? Me neither, until I read this post! For more similar, diverse cartoons, visit InCultureParent!


Taco De Lenguas has a very great post on the importance of books to younger children. Even as babies, the little ones can benefit from being read to. In her post, Abbi focuses on the three R’s of choosing books for children: rhyme rhythm, and repetition, with special attention paid to the latter two. She also underlines the importance of good literature for children by local authors- find out why in her post!

Olena of Bilingual Kids Rock tells us why it is so absolutely important to read out loud to children, especially in the minority languages. She provides a great list of resources to use, ideas to try out and resources to turn to for help. Did you know you can actually make your own books? And the other ideas are just as awesome. Check it out!

If you’re not sure how to find great books in the minority language, ask Leanna of All Done Monkey! In her post, she gives you some ideas where to start looking for good quality books in the minority languages, but she doesn’t stop there! She even tells you how to benefit from translation of majority language books, just make sure they’re good translation and regional differences in the minority language such as Spanish. A wonderful, useful post!

I have already featured Tina’s post of media resources, but her 9-year old daughter, who is a self-described bookworm, has comprised this wonderful list of her favourite books! I am so impressed with this clever and culturally sensitive girl that I really had to share her list with you! Find it on Desperate Homeschoolers.


Annabelle of The Piri Piri Lexicon reviews several multilingual iPad apps that she uses with her children. Annabelle acknowledges the difficulties of finding  good apps in the minority languages), and is not very satisfied with all of them, please have a look at her reviews and you’ll know what you’re looking for!   http://www.thepiripirilexicon.com/2013/04/our-favourite-multilingual-ipad-apps.html

I love the various approaches: some chose to tell a story, others did lists of their favourite resources. These posts are a must-read if you’re looking for good tools to teach your children cultural appreciation! And, please spend some time on these blogs- the people behind them are just wonderful!

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  1. Olga, wonderful job putting together the carnival this month! Great posts, and you really chose such an interesting topic! Thank you!

    1. The pleasure was all mine! I just love the topic so much and wanted to know what you think about it-I love how all these posts came together perfectly, creating a great list of resources and advice.

  2. So much useful information! I know what I am going to be reading this weekend. Thank you, Olga!

    1. Hi Elena, glad you found this post useful! It is a great list of resources and I am glad I have all of these in this one post. Happy reading and have a great weekend!

  3. Wow! That is a wealth of information! Thanks so much for hosting. This was amazing!

    1. Tina, wow indeed but only because of your awesome contributions! I love what a great list of resources this has become! And I love how your 9year old daughter also wrote something- please say hi to her from me and thank her for her great submission!

  4. Olga - Great job!!! Very helpful and useful information:)

    1. Hi Heidi, thank you for your comment. Because of all these great entries, this carnival ended up being an awesome list on ressources about the media in one place!


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