How to Win While Playing Slot Machines

Check out our tips and tricks to win at online slots.

by Simon Parker

  • Highest Payout Slots
  • Determining the Volatility
  • Avoid the Obvious Option
  • Make Bigger Bets

How to Win While Playing Slot Machines

If you enjoy playing on slot machines, there are no regulations to follow, however, if a big win is what you’re after when playing online slots (whether it be in demo mode or free play), there are a few tips to keep in mind. While it can be tricky to win big money on online slots, here are a few ways on how to improve your odds of winning on a slot machine.

Highest Payout Slots

While picking the highest payout slots may seem obvious, there are many common mistakes that beginners fall for when heading online to try and win big at online slots. To increase your chances of winning, make sure to find a slot game that pays out more frequently than others. You can use the Return to Player rate, which is a percentage of the amount of money wagered that a slot returns to players. Note that this doesn’t always mean you will receive the same amount back. While you can win more, it will mean that other players may not be as lucky as you on the game you are playing.

Determining the Volatility

Another key factor that you need to determine when trying to pick the right online slot machine is volatility. In many cases, you will see the volatility displayed, also known as the variance. If the slot has a low volatility, this means that you can win more frequently (but in smaller amounts), whereas high volatility slot machines have rarer wins but with bigger cash prizes. However, this also means you will need to be willing to depart with a lot more of your balance to be in with a chance.

Avoid the Obvious Option

Regardless of how great an online casino is, you need to remember that their main role is to take your money, so the games are made to look enticing. While licenses and regulations are put in place to keep casinos reliable and most importantly, legal, there are various other factors that you should bear in mind when trying to pick a winning slot machine. Just like with the volatility and payout, some things are not easy to understand, because if they were, you would find a lot more players knowing how to beat the slot machine system. So, if a game is heavily promoted on the home page and in flashing adverts, it is probably not going to help you win big.

Make Bigger Bets

The more you bet, the better chance you have of winning at online slots. If you bet small amounts, you cannot expect to win a huge jackpot. If you get lucky and scoop the jackpot, you may not be able to cash your winnings when taking your wager amount into account. The bet you make can determine how you win at slots. You also need to consider how much money you plan to spend. It’s best to have a budget in mind, rather than splashing the cash which you may not be able to afford.

To increase your odds of winning, make sure to pick slots that have high payouts, good reviews and great bonus offers. While you wont necessarily beat the slot machine system, these tips could help you win bigger amounts.