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Kiwis have no shortage of online pokie sites to choose from, but not all of them are worth your attention. After all, there are many things that an online casino must fulfil in order to be considered worthy of your valuable time and hard-earned money. However, Cosmo Casino is one of those rare gems operating in New Zealand that manages to tick all the boxes and even surpass some of the general expectations. What makes Cosmo Casino so awesome you ask? Well, that is exactly what we are going to discuss next.

A Secured Online Environment

When it comes to internet casino sites, nothing is more important than cybersecurity. If you are going to conduct monetary transactions over the internet, it needs to be on a secure platform with SSL certification at the very least.

Cosmo Casino, of course, offers a completely secure environment for the players to conduct their monetary transactions in, as it has SSL certification and multiple other cybersecurity measures in place to make sure every transaction is completed in the most secure manner possible over the internet. If it didn’t offer that level of security to its players, the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) would not authorize it in the first place.

Players Get 150 Bonus Shots at the Pokie Games

One of the main reasons why offline casinos cannot compete with online casino sites is because, in a traditional casino, you won’t come across signup bonuses for pokie machines like the one offered on Cosmo Casino.

On signing up, Cosmo Casino gives each player 150 chances to hit the jackpot and become not just a millionaire, but a multimillionaire! In fact, the 150 bonus chances available have already produced multiple winners from all around the world, and not just New Zealand.

In order to take advantage of the bonus, the player will need to make a first deposit of just $10 and that’s it; the 150 bonus tries on the pokie machines open up instantly. It is advised that you try out a majority of your bonus chances on the progressive jackpot game that has produced more winners than any other pokie machine in existence, aka, Mega Moolah.

The Signup Bonuses Do Not End There

After the initial deposit and the 150 chances, the bonuses do not dry up either, which is part of the reason why Cosmo Casino is better than its competitors. It continues to support the player by doubling the second deposit they make, which essentially means that the player’s chances to win are doubled for the money they choose to spend on their second deposit.

Customer Care is Present to Help Players 24/7

During our experiences with other online casinos and even some of the more famous ones, we often found that the customer care left a lot to be desired. On Cosmo Casino though, that is actually not a problem at all.

It was a pleasant surprise to find that they really do have well-trained customer care executives available for all their players, around the clock. Moreover, the option to choose between live chat, email or even direct voice support over a call was also quite surprising, given most casino sites just have an email address!

Although it is quite unlikely that you will ever need to contact customer support to lodge a complaint, if you ever do feel the need to talk to someone regarding any problem you might be facing while playing in the casino, the replies are prompt and the on-call support is friendly.

How are Your Chances of Winning at Cosmo Casino?

Before we talk about a player’s chances of winning in one of the pokie slots at Cosmo Casino, it is important to state that all pokie games, in general, are games of luck and that is one factor which will remain constant, irrespective of the casino we are talking about.

That being said, Cosmo Casino constantly produces new winners in both New Zealand and abroad. When you visit the casino, you will actually be able to see how many winners there have been so far from Cosmo Casino, and why it proudly sports the Fair Play badge.

By this time, you probably have a good understanding of why Cosmo Casino is hailed as one of the best online pokie sites operating in New Zealand. The long list of games, the intuitive and attractive interface, the awesome bonuses, the reliable customer care, the MGA authorization and everything in between come together to provide an unmatched experience for Kiwis on Cosmo Casino.

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